Buckil is fantastic! While Buckil is “the home of your bucket list? It isn't just for the ‘dreamers’, Buckil is the ultimate tool for you to document the experiences of your lifetime.

Where else do you record and share your most precious life experiences? While other social media is about striking the perfect pose or selecting just the right filter to best show off your breakfast, Buckil is different, it is for the important stuff, your life’s most valued experiences!

Buckil is wholly owned by Vosper Limited, a tech company based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Vosper Limited was registered as a New Zealand Limited Liability Company on 4 November 2008 (Company number: 2187421). As the owners of Buckil Kirk Vosper and Vicki Whalley aim to build a powerful and popular tool that will enrich people’s lives by encouraging the pursuit of new experiences.

At Buckil, you the user, will build and later instantly update your own personal bucket list. You will document your favourite experiences to date, including when, where and with whom. You will upload your photos and videos to show off what you've achieved and you will take pride in the powerful resource that you’ve built. In addition, you will set goals for the future where you will outline the valued experiences you still expect to come before you eventually, one day, “kick the bucket?.

Vosper Limited employs a talented team of developers based in Kolkata, India. Anirban Banerjee heads the highly skilled professionals who create the technical magic at Integrity Web Informatics for Vosper, the New Zealand based owners. Their technical skill and knowledge place Buckil at the cutting edge of technical innovation.

In the end, what is it that you will create? Nothing less than... the story of your lifetime! The life that you lived, the experiences that you valued, the people who were there and your very own thoughts at the time.

The Buckil website and app are still in their infancy, the planned features promise to impress. In the future Vosper will look to forge relationships with a variety of external stakeholders. Watch this space!

Life is about experiences and Buckil is for the experiences of a lifetime!

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